How do I know which model I need?

For the correct choice, you must specify the installation area, the use (seasonal or annual) and the number of people who will use the system or the daily requirement of DHW. For the calculation of the solar cover, contact the technical office EDN: ufficio.tecnico@ednenergia.it (free service).

Can RADIASOL work to support a heat pump?

Yes, RADIASOL can support the heat pump in all seasons, in particular when the heat pump does not produce DHW regularly.When used as a thermal flywheel, it greatly increases the heat pump performances.

During winter, should RADIASOL empty?

No. The model with double-glazing produces DHW also in colder seasons so it is used to take advantage at most of its efficiency. Thanks to its thermo-regulated resistance and heating cable for external piping (optional), it can also operate in alpine areas with temperatures below -10°C.

During summer, does RADIASOL suffer high temperatures and leakage of glycol?

No. RADIASOL does not require antifreeze devices, an expansion vessel and safety valve ensure the correct working without water wastage.

Can I use RADIASOL for radiant systems (underfloor, wall or ceiling)?

Yes. RADIASOL is effectively used for radiant heating and greatly reduces the return on investment.

Where can I buy RADIASOL?

You can find RADIASOL in Italy and Abroad by authorized plumbing wholesalers. Please contact EDN for more details and to know on where to buy it.



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